Goodbye Usain Bolt

USAIN BOLT finishes a Legendary career in London

Dear Usain Leo Bolt.

Congratulations on a career which surpassed Global Super Hero Status!

It’s been a privilege to live in an era where you almost single handedly transformed athletics to a level no one could ever dream of! 20 years ago no one thought a sub 10 second 100 meter time is even humanly possible.

You did it and the WORLD RECORD now stands at 9.58 seconds!

Thank you for your kindness and your willing ness to share your wisdom with our boys Wayde, Akani and other South Africans. The really do love you and look up to you!

“The world’s best sprinter ever was far from his best competition shape last night when he. He didn’t train for almost a month following the death of his best friend and Beijing Silver medalist Germaine Mason who was killed in Jamaica. Bolt promised IAAF to perform his swan song at the 2017 IAAF World Champs and he kept his word true to the Hero and Legend he is even though he had several injuries and personal obstacles on the way.” – SA ROCKS! (on FB)


Thank you for all the joy you brought to millions of people who shared in your dream to be recognised in the company of legends like Muhammad Ali etc!

You have been a Hero to all of us and now you are a real Legend. We will never forget the cheeky almost Goofy way you made fun of the TV camera crew at events. It was a real treat!
Here’s a great Tribute to Usain Leo Bolt:


This man will be sorely missed by the athletics World! Enjoy your retirement, The best is still to come.

May GOD Bless, Usain Bolt.



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