Willem Strauss during the Volcano Super Rugby Cup launch for Club Rugby

The New VOLCANO SUPER CUP Rugby League for Clubs is here!

A new era for club rugby in the Northern provinces of SA will kick-off next season when 19 top clubs of the Blue Bulls,  Valke and Leopards will complete with 70 teams in the Volcano Super Club (Super League A), Volcano Trophy (Super League B), and Volcano Young  Guns (Super League u/20).

According to Willem Strauss, President of the Blue Bulls Rugby Union, this exciting cross-border competition will feature strength against strength and create the steppingstone and pathway for talented amateur and semi-professional players to the professional and provincial teams of the Blue Bulls,  Valke and Leopards. “Especially at Under 20 level the gap between the contracted players and non-contract players are still small and I hope that this competition will create a second chance for the late developer”.

It is a huge privilege to be part of this exciting format and competition. It is an honour to be able to contribute to the development of rugby and specifically club rugby.”- Mr JP Schoeman, MD, Volcano

The Volcano Super League brings new life to community rugby. The competition is also structured that it will be strength versus strength.” – Ettienne de Lange, CEO, Valke Rugby Union

I am very excited that the series will be strengthened with additional clubs joining. I hope this competition will fill the gap that the cancelled National Amateur Competition has left. Players will compete week-in and week-out on a very competitive level.” – Dr Eugene Hare, CEO, Blue Bulls Rugby Union



Participating teams: Tuks, Naka Bulls, Centurion, QBR, Impala, Springs, East Rand United and Northam. Double round (14 matches), semi-final and final. May – August/September.

No less than 5 of the teams (Naka Bulls, Impala, Springs, East Rand United and Northam) will participate in the Gold Cup leading up to the Volcano Super Cup! Tukkies will obviously be playing in the Varsity Cup (we certainly expect nothing less than the Gold Cup and Varsity Cup winners of 2019 to be playing in the Volcano Super Cup).

The 4 Blue Bulls teams will have an additional separate log for the 6 matches they play against one another, to determine the Carlton Cup winner (just like this year). A competition within the competition.



Participating teams: Tuine, TUT, Correctional Services, Dragons, Pretoria, Brakpan, Vereeniging, NWU-Vaal, Boksburg, Klerksdorp and Potch Dorp (Kempton Wolwe is out). Single round (10 matches, 5 home and 5 away), semi-final and final. May – August/September.

This promises to be an extremely exciting competition and very much strength versus strength.

The 5 Blue Bulls teams will have an additional separate log for the 8 matches (they will play a single round of 4 matches before the start of the Volcano Trophy against one another) to determine the Presidents Cup winner. A competition within the competition.



We hope to have 10 to 12 teams in this league. It is extremely important that we put a huge emphasis on recruiting school leavers for this league. At this young age, there is still a very small difference between the contracted and non-contracted players, and we would very much like this league to be a potential stepping stone for talented young players to professional and provincial structures.



More detail on the competition rules, fixtures, Season Opener, social media campaign, possible television coverage, travelling subsidy, referees, interaction with supporters, secondary sponsorships, media plan, Player of the Match and so forth,  will follow!


News by: JAY J BOTES Groot Fm90.5 #GROOTfmSport

Source: Willem Strauss – President – BLUE BULLS RUGBY UNION

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