LOCAL RUGBY DERBY gets spiced up as Naas Botha Cup comes into contention between Harlequins and Pretoria.

NAAS BOTHA CUP ads Spice to Harlequins Bobbies vs Pretoria Derby

Local Derby’s is what Community Rugby is all about. It excites friends, families and foes alike!
Millions of Americans stream to Ball Parks every year as part of their family tradition while in true South African style we used ambush Rugby Clubs in our thousands!

We used to have “Braaivleis, Rugby, Sunnyskies and Chevrolet” back then but now with 530, 393 registered Rugby Players in South Africa we have so much more to celebrate across cultural lines in this Rainbow Nation of ours.

LOCAL RUGBY DERBY gets spiced up as Naas Botha Cup comes into contention between Harlequins and Pretoria.THE LOCAL DERBY IS ALL ABOUT…
Defending of home territory against the onslaught!
Upholding the Pride of the community!
and of course… BRAGGING RIGHTS!!

It’s with a sense of gratitude to the Rugby Greats of yesteryear that we are proud to present the NAAS BOTHA CHALLENGE local derby between two of the oldest clubs in South Africa located across the street from each other.
Pretoria Rugby Club VS Quins Bobbies Rugby Club

Naas played Club Rugby for Bobbies, Pretoria and Harlequins. He’s, therefore, the perfect Legend to become the Patron of the annual Derby Between Quins-Bobbies & Pretoria Rugby Club.
Hendrik Egnatius ‘Naas’ Botha (born 27 February 1958) played his rugby for Northern Transvaal and South Africa (the Springboks).


– He was voted South African Rugby Player of the Year in 1979, 1981, 1985 and 1987.
– Botha played for the Dallas Harlequins and he led them to the 1984 USA National Club Championships.
– Botha moved to the Italian club Rugby Rovigo, where he played 119 games and helped them win two National Championships (in 1988 and 1990).
– Naas set countless Springbok records during his rugby career and is still considered to be one of the Springbok “greats”.

This local derby will reach a climax at the end the event every year when the club’s first teams battle for the sought after Naas Botha Cup.

The Naas Botha Cup Challenge will take place at Pretoria Rugby Club on Saturday 9 March 2019.

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