Heyneke Meyer at Stade Francais, Paris

Heyneke Meyer has a R566 million player budget at Stade Francais

French club Stade Francais, who are coached by former Springbok mentor Heyneke Meyer, have the biggest player budget ahead of the 2018/19 Top 14.

The Parisian club, who is owned by German billionaire Hans-Peter Wild, has a budget of €34 million (R566 million), up from €30.16 million last season when they were ranked third in this regard.

Clermont, who had last season’s biggest budget of €31.55 million, dropped to second on the list this season despite their budget increasing to €32.5 million.

Here’s a breakdown of what the European Budgets looks like:

Last season’s Top 14 champions, Castres, are only 10th on the list with €23.7 million.

Here’s the Top 14 Rich-List:

1. Stade Français €34 million

2. Clermont €32.5 million

3. Toulouse €32 million

4. Toulon €30 million

5. Lyon €29.8 million

6. Montpellier €27 million

7. La Rochelle €25.6 million

8. Pau €25 million

9. Racing €24 million

10. Castres €23.7 million

11. Bordeaux-Begles €23 million

12. Grenoble €18 million

13. Perpignan €16 million

14. Agen €13.8 million


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